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I have mentioned in passing the fact that I am planning to head to Canada in late summer to look for a job (as well as doing what I really want to do; travel). It’s now become a reality, as I have both my Canadian passport and plane ticket ready for mid-September. It’s really exciting, but I also feel fairly nervous in the fact I have so little insight as to how it will all go.

In anticipation of my journey I’ve compiled a list of inspirations and wants that seem suitable for the subject of travel.

From article Tokyo Drift featured in Rookie magazine.

Diaries, sketchbooks and notebooks from others who have travelled have inspired me to think of how I can document things whilst I am in Canada.

From polkaros blog.
Extract from graphic novel Pyongyang by Guy Delisle

I strongly recommend Pyongyang, not just as an interesting read, but also for the way that Delisle notices the details and illustrates his experiences in such a wonderful way (and for some plus points~ he’s a French Canadian animator).

Sleeping on the sleeper zines by Jen Collins

I love Jen Collins work ~ so I’d love to get my hands on copies of her zines documenting her travels.

Cute passport holder from happy romi

Admittedly, I’ve already purchased this Paris map print passport cover.

Small floral suitcases from Liberty

I’ve been eyeing these Liberty print suitcases for a while ~ and although, unfortunately, they’re too small for me to travel with I think they’d be perfect for a day trip.

Red suitcase from The Dirty Loft

This red suitcase is beautiful.

Knitwear by Ringo Yu

Ringo Yu’s knitwear is some of the cutest and unique knitwear I’ve ever seen ~ I love the variety of patterns and colours. Considering Vancouver can be pretty nippy at times, these would be great in keeping you both warm and lovely looking.

Hats from Quiet Tiger

Referencing what I said previously, I think its important to be prepared for the weather in Vancouver. That being said, I’m pretty obsessed with the colour choice on these knitted hats.

Vintage plaid dress from The Tailor’s Stories

It’s important when travelling to wear both comfortable and versatile clothing. I love this plaid dress for its simplicity, I think it’d go with many different items of clothing

Forest animals notebook from clapclapdesign | England 1989 notebook from danadamki

Finally~ these notebooks are really cute and great for documenting your travels.

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  1. So many lovely ideas and items for travelling, love EVERY items a lot!! You still have a lot of time until mid Sep so don’t be nervous at all, I’m sure everything will be fine and the whole journey is going to be a lot better and memorable than you expected:)

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