The Tiny Vegan’s Guide to Cardiff

The Tiny Vegan Guide to Cardiff

It’s finally here, The Tiny Vegan’s Guide to Cardiff. This has been a little passion project of mine for the past few months. I’ve always wanted to do a guide, but the task always seemed immense. However, things changed when, after 7 years of being vegetarian, I decided to become vegan. Then finally it clicked… I should make a vegan guide.

Over the next few weeks I carefully mapped out all the places I found online that were either vegan or vegan friendly in Cardiff. My original plan was to visit each place to try what they had to offer. However, when I was suddenly offered a job down in Somerset, my time in Cardiff was cut short.

It was with that I decided that instead of making a guide featuring every vegan or vegan friendly business in Cardiff, it would instead showcase some of my favourites. During my spare moments I curated together the guides pages, carefully considering each element. Now finally I have a copy here in my hands, a little love letter those few plant based businesses in Cardiff, printed on a thick matte paper.

I have the greatest intention to expand on it further down the line with more businesses, but for now here is my little guide. Featuring my little characters, the familiar faces of Cariad, Deri and Gwennyn.

If you’d like to get yourself a copy of The Tiny Vegan’s Guide to Cardiff you can find it stocked at Atma Cafe, Clancy’s Vegetarian Emporium, Simply V, Nos Da Hostel & Bar and The Gate Arts Centre. They’re in limited quantity, so get there before they run out.

I will be releasing the guide online by the end of July/beginning of August. You can keep up to date by following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The Tiny Vegan Guide to Cardiff

The Tiny Vegan Guide to Cardiff

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