Being creative in Somerset – I’m back!

Frome a pretty creative city

I have been living in Somerset for exactly 1 year and 1 month, its been an interesting experience so far. I’ve been trying hard to be more creative since moving, especially with the fact that I have such a lovely studio space to work in. But I won’t lie, I do miss living in Cardiff. It’s very different living a small town as it is to a city. There’s not so many things to do here. Slowly I’ve been discovering more of what there is in Somerset, but there so many things I’ve yet to explore.

At the same time as thinking about my life in Somerset, I’ve been thinking a lot about my creative career. On where I want to head with it. Last year, I was determined to find a creative role, any creative role really. And now? Illustration is what I’m most passionate about, so naturally its where I want to spend my time. Rather than spreading myself thinly over several creative practices, it would serve me much better to focus in.

My intention last year was to write about my experiences as an illustrator, therefore making myself accountable in the process. But my plans it fell to the wayside when I got worried about being too personal. Well that and finding a new job.

But I’m going to make time for it this year. My aim is to create a space where I can share tips and advice to other aspiring illustrators as I navigate my way through this career.

Additionally I will be sharing my travels in Somerset and further afield. Get ready for my long overdue post about my trip to Japan. I have so many amazing vegan places to share!

I’m really looking forward to posting more frequently here, but for now I say goodnight.

The Tor in Glastonbury
Beetroot Latte at Nook

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