Self care for busy bees

Self care for busy bees

I’ve been feeling a little run down lately, like a bike with a puncture. Working on things till bedtime really hasn’t agreed with me, so inadvertently I’ve been thinking of self care ways to remedy this.

For me the foundations of self care is keeping to a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, going outside and spending time with good people. But what are some quick fixes that make me feel instantly a little better?

6 simple self care practices for freelancers

  1. If its decent weather, go for a walk. Taking a step away from your work and breathing in some fresh air is an easy way to make you feel refreshed.
  2. Do yoga (or any exercise of your choice). Honestly, whenever I come out of yoga class I always feel so much better than when I went in. You can do yoga anywhere really, even if its just some quick breathing exercises.
  3. Hang out with a friend. It’s amazing how much a friend can lift your spirits when you’re feeling less than your best.
  4. Watch a favourite film. Don’t multi-task, just allow yourself to relax and put your full attention on the film. My particular favourites for making me feel better are Legally Blonde, Spirited Away and Harry Potter.
  5. Declutter. Anything that’s bothering you, be it your mind or your home. To declutter your mind you can write down all the things that are filling it up. I often dump all I’m feeling into my journal, it can be very therapeutic to get it all out. Especially if your friend can’t hang out with you.
  6. Take a bath. Even if a bath isn’t your kind of self care you could try giving yourself a manicure or taking a quick shower.

I would love to hear any self care tips you might have that you can share with me in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

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