Krakow, Poland

The town square in Krakow

I’d never considered Poland as a potential destination till we went and stayed with some friends living out there. I used to think Krakow was reserved for either a cheap Brits abroad stag do or for the purpose of visiting Auschwitz. But there is so much more to Krakow than that. (Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should visit Auschwitz if they’re in the area. As dark a time in history as it is, its so important to see and learn about what happened there).


Krakow is firstly, such an affordable city. Food and travel is so cheap, we’ve had a breakfast for the four of us for as little as £15! Although, as a vegan, I miss out on a lot of the very traditional Polish delicacies like Polish sausage, Kolaczki and meat filled Pierogi, I’m still spoilt for choice.

Being vegan in Krakow

The streets of Krakow

The most popular place to eat in Krawkow, just happens to be 100% vegan. Vegab is a delicious vegan kebab filled with vegan meat made of “bio-tofu, pods and wheat protein”. The place is always packed with people enjoying their vegab. If you have a sweet tooth they also have a tasty bounty cake for pudding. If kebabs aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options for vegan eats.

Pizzatopia is a pizza place down near Krakow’s old town that gives you the option to make your own pizza. They have so many choices to choose from and best of all, they have vegan cheese.

Veganic’s breakfast pancakes… which sadly they don’t have anymore

Veganic is one of my favourites. They used to have an amazing breakfast menu, which sadly they no longer offer, but their lunch and dinner options don’t disappoint. My particular favourite was this amazing cocktail labelled “for beer lovers”. I’m keen to work out the recipe for myself, but not sure where you could find ingredients like marbella plum schwab or hop cone bitter.

Veganic / a cocktail for beer lovers

Speaking of cocktails, if you want to find a cocktail bar to visit purely for the novelty of it then search for Z ust do ust bar. The entrance inside of an out of order bathroom, just flush the toilet and someone will answer the door. The concept for the cocktail menu is interesting, you can choose purely by picking your favourite artists interpretation. If you’re not a cocktail person, there are also plenty of pubs to drink at. You’re always likely to stumble across some beer garden if you wander for a bit.

Best place to shop for souvenirs

Street art in Krakow

By far my favourite street in Krakow has to be Jozefra, there are so many cute independent shops and cafes there. You can find plenty of work by Polish designers here from furniture to jewellery.

There’s always time for a coffee

Outside Krakow

Brzegi Lake

Venturing outside of Krakow we visited Brzegi, a beautiful lake with its own beach. The lake is perfect to swim in on a hot summer day. I also recommend buying a 1kg bag of cherries to snack down there.

Cherries on the beach

Lastly, if you want a little bit of fun, then head to Energylandia. Both a theme park and water park you can get your heart racing on its rollercoasters and slide down its many waterslides. Alternatively you could just nap in a deck chair, like I did, when you don’t fancy getting on the rollercoasters. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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