Films for a rainy day

It’s raining outside and you’re not in a mood to do much, so you switch on your laptop and browse Netflix for a feel good film. There’s not many things that are better when you’re feeling unmotivated. These are the films I return to again and again to make me feel more human (and hopefully motivated).

Legally Blond

I wanted to be Elle Woods when I was fourteen. Her perfect blonde hair and upbeat personality was something I envied as a shy awkward teenager. I must have watched her navigate the halls of Havard Law over 100 times. As an adult might no longer want to be her, but I still take inspiration from her journey. There’s something to be said about staying true to yourself and going for your goals despite everyone telling you that you can’t. There’s going to be another Legally Blonde next year and I really hope they do Elle Woods justice (pun intended).


A cinematic foodie roadtrip? Yes please. This film just makes me feel good every time I watch it and makes me want to quit my day job and buy a van. To be honest I wanted to do that before seeing Chef, but it at least makes me feel hopeful in the possibility.


This film is the epitome pursuing greatness through hard work and determination. Whilst I don’t think I could ever push myself to the point Miles Teller’s character does, you can see feel his unwavering and slightly unhinged desire to succeed.  

Funny Face

I must know all the words to the songs in this musical. I also can’t help but want to dance whenever its comes the part in the film where they sing Clap Yo’ Hands. Also, seeing Audrey Hepburn dance gives me life. I totally feel like Thom Yorke got some of his dance moves from her.


Surprise! It’s another Reese Witherspoon film, albeit an entirely different character. I first watched this film on a flight back from Tokyo. Having spent 2 glorious weeks exploring Japan, I was feeling a little low about returning. Despite my rising nausea that would lead to me curling up in the Paris airport for the entire of our five hour layover, I still really got into this film. It’s not exactly an upbeat film, but it’s definitely an inspiring. It follows a courageous woman as she solo hikes 1000 miles on the Pacific Crest trail.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This film makes me wish I was a witch who can fly to live in a cute seaside town. Like all Studio Ghibli films, the world of Kiki’s Delivery Service is so  immersive. It’s hard not to feel a happy watching this, but most of all it makes me want to draw.

Hopefully after watching these the rainclouds will be gone and you’ll feel that motivation to get up and do something!

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