British Columbia, I’m yours

Downtown Vancouver in the distance

I lived in Vancouver for almost a year back in 2014, so it was very much like returning to an old friend when I visited with my family last summer. I never fully appreciated all Vancouver had to offer whilst I was living there, till I was back there as a tourist. A beautiful gem of city nestled on the coast with easy access to both white sandy beaches and downhill skiing all within an easy journey. Part of me felt the loss from ever having left. It’s easier to look at things through rose tinted glasses once their gone, but it’s also a lesson in appreciating what’s right there in front of you.

Our trip, part visiting our Canadian family part vacation, was a busy one. Given I’m now an adult, with most of my family holidays far behind, its rare for us to all travel together. I tried to sear all the moments, from driving across BC from Vancouver to Whistler to my grandmothers cabin, into my mind. Even a stopover in Clinton at a cosy coffee shop is a sacred memory, from the overly frothy coffee to the angry house we spotted across the street. A reminder that these fleeting moments together are to be treasured.

Kitsilano, Vancouver
Granville Island
Granville Island Market
Kokomo, Vancouver
Yummy noodles at Kokomo
Downtown Vancouver across the bay
Main St in Vancouver
Self portrait at Lake Cowichan
Buddy at Lake Cowichan
The view from our Airbnb at Chemainus
Tom in Chemainus
Duke Point sunrise
Audain Gallery in Whistler
Roadtrip shots from Whistler to my grandma’s cabin
Roadtrip shots from Whistler to my grandma’s cabin
Roadtrip shots from Whistler to my grandma’s cabin
Roadtrip shots from Whistler to my grandma’s cabin
Angry house in Clinton
Granny’s cabin
My favourite, the sauna at granny’s cabin
Amy and Tom at granny’s cabin
Dad heading out to exterminate a wasps nest at granny’s cabin
Granny’s cabin
The view from granny’s cabin
Sandwiches at the cabin
Young Mum
Budget Foods in Clinton
Budget Foods in Clinton
Coffee in Clinton
The view from the plane
Mountains from the plane

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