Here again


I’m trying my upmost to rekindle my wonder for exploring places, its difficult when you’re in a place where you’ve lived for almost half your life. But don’t assume by any means that I dislike Cardiff, perhaps there are a few things I would like to improve (*ahem*public transport*ahem*), but on the whole there have been many exciting and fun things happening round here recently.

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The last days in Vancouver

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The last days in Vancouver were centred around eating – cakes, macarons (always), ice cream, kunafa, cream puffs, crepe, sushi etc. There’s so many restaurants in Vancouver, that you could dine out someplace different every night of the year. Some places I’d like to recommend are La Casa Gelato, Hapa Izakaya, Soirette Macarons and Beta5 Chocolates.
Food aside, I also explored Aberdeen shopping center (I had to laugh at this super Scottish name for a place that primarily had Asian merchandise), Spanish beach, Granville Island and Main St. It was an exhausting last few days, but at the same time I enjoyed it.

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