Tiny buildings

I made these at the end of 2017. Originally I intended to have them as part of my website layout, but I’ve decided that I prefer a cleaner layout. I used a variety of reference images to make them, but the end products are mainly imagined. I plan to make a lot more miniatures this year, some from local buildings where I live and maybe even some sets from my favourite films and tv shows. Can’t wait.

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Portrait of Bear

This is the portrait I did for my Mum’s Christmas present. It’s a portrait of our beloved family dog Bear. He’s such a silly boy. He loves his food (which he’s spoilt with), going for long walks and cuddles. Despite the fact he is big and heavy puppy, he still thinks he’s a lap dog. Haha. I’d love to have my own dog for company, but I feel bad working in an office full-time. One day!